Did W+K Lift BBH’s Levi’s Concept?

By Kiran Aditham 

That’s what one spy hypothesizes, telling us that the “G.O. IV Fortune” treasure hunt that we reported on a few days back was actually conceived by BBH some seven years ago for the same client. The tipster says:

“BBH presented the Go [IV] Fortune idea in 2002 for the launch of Type 1 Jeans. The idea was to literally bury $100,000 in gold coins somewhere in America and giving people clues how to find it. Back then it had the title ‘The Gold Rush.’ They never bought it and instead did a crappy online version of it. Now seven years later they finally do it, another agency gets credit, and they made it so complicated that many people don’t want to participate.”

We checked with a source familiar with the BBH matter, who tells us that this theory “makes sense” and the “Gold Rush” was meant to be part of a Super Bowl campaign. Unfortunately, the CD, Thomas Hayo, nor the account people involved are with BBH anymore. We’ll hopefully get more info on this as time progresses.

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