Dick Vitale Loves Jerky, Baby

By Patrick Coffee 

Who is Dick Vitale’s talent manager and when will he/she receive another well-deserved raise?

After creeping us out in Deutsch LA’s Pizza Hut retro trip yesterday, Dick is back in a campaign for primo beef jerky brand Oberto. What do sports and jerky have in common?

Tough Mudder.

In the new ad, from creative/strategic AOR Positivity and director Court Crandall, Vitale talks to a “Little Voice in [His] Stomach” which just happens to be fellow sportscaster/controversial tweeter Stephen A. Smith. (This is not the first spot in the “voice” campaign as previous entries starred Richard Sherman and others.)

The “You Get Out What You Put In” tagline makes a bit more sense in the context of Tough Mudder, better known as That Thing That Your Most Annoying Facebook Friends Post About All the Time.

The fitness brand plays a larger role in the following spot:

That would be “2x World’s Toughest Mudder winner” and attorney Amelia Boone. Smith spends even less time in the average stomach than certain creative directors spend at ad agencies.

The spot above marks Tough Mudder’s first appearance in a national campaign. There will be promo contests.

On the Vitale side, users who submit their best impressions of the guy will have a chance to win something. On the Mudder side, Oberto will produce more ads involving some of that club’s best-known members. The company also plans to create its own obstacle course, “‘Beached Whale,’ an enormous inflatable that will require team members to help each other to successfully scale this massive challenge.”

Sadly, we have no images of the whale to share at the moment.