Deutsch NY Campaign for VillageMD Shows a ‘New Way to Well’

By Kyle O'Brien 

Modern doctors and healthcare providers don’t have enough time to get to know their patients, and VillageMD wanted to change the way healthcare is delivered.

The national provider of value-based primary care services called on Deutsch NY to create a marketing program, including strategic positioning, identity design, a launch campaign, and employee marketing, to help change the perception of how it delivers healthcare. It wanted to show that that too many patients accept poor quality care and that the overburdened system limits a doctor’s ability to give the best care.

The “New Way to Well” campaign is now out in the world, calling attention to the broken healthcare system and offering VillageMD’s Village Medical as a more caring option, with doctors who have the time to develop relationships with their patients with warmth and understanding.


“We understand how managing your health can be overwhelming, especially if you’re managing one or more chronic conditions. At Village Medical, we believe this is the ‘New Way to Well’ as we partner with you to help you live your best life,” said David Hatfield, M.D., chief physician executive of Village Medical in a statement.

Two spots highlight the churn that doctors and pharmacists go through with their patients. In “Factory,” a doctor is with a patient for a couple of seconds before being yanked away on a hook that is connected to a conveyor belt. Pan out and we see that the entire facility is like a cold factory, equipped with doctors on hooks who are dropped in for all-to-brief visits with patients.

“Pharmacy” shows a series of circular stages with doctors and pharmacists rotating in opposite directions, giving scant seconds of communication between the two, with the message that the current system doesn’t allow for enough time between providers, specialists and pharmacists.

The solution to both problems is Village Medical, which has teams of healthcare providers around the country—with many practices that are conveniently located next to Walgreens—to be able to spend quality time with patients.

“We’re in the high-growth and transformational primary care space and wanted a partner that understood consumers and the plight they face with today’s healthcare system,” said Ellen Donahue-Dalton, CMO of VillageMD in a statement, adding that in Deutsch NY, the organization found a partner with a passion for storytelling, world-class design capabilities and an understanding of how to ignite demand.

“We’ve all experienced endless waits at the doctor’s office and too little face-time with practitioners. VillageMD’s reinvention of the system is a breath of fresh air,” said Samira Ansari, CCO of Deutsch NY. “The campaign captures the frustration and complexities of today’s healthcare system, the automated assembly line it has become, and unveils a new way to caring, compassionate healthcare at Village Medical.”

Merge Media Group handled media responsibilities for the campaign.