Deutsch Makes a Little More Time for Snapple

By Erik Oster 

The Los Angeles office of Deutsch recently launched a new campaign entitled “Make Time for Snapple.”

A series of spots initially seem to depict some random, strange scenarios, before it’s revealed in the conclusion that they’re related to a “Snapple Fact” being read by someone downing a bottle of the brand’s iced tea. (Sadly, there would not appear to be any alcohol involved.)

In “Bees” for example, we see a depiction of a fully-grown bee emerging from his mother’s womb. This leads into a woman learning that bees are born fully-grown. (But only the queen gives birth, right? What’s up with that?)

Another spot, “King of Hearts” sees a group of playing card sitting down to dinner at a diner. They repeatedly taunt the King of Hearts for his drawn-on mustache. At the conclusion of the spot, we learn that this is because the King of Hearts is the only King to not sport a flavor savor.

Other spots employ the same approach to the first spam message being sent via telegram, the fact that dolphins are unable to smell and a strange piece of Massachusetts state legislation. Each spot ends with a voiceover imploring viewers to “Put some flavor in your break” and “Make time for Snapple.” It’s an odd approach, to be sure, but the initial WTF factor actually leads into something easily relatable to the brand. Everyone remembers those weird Snapple Facts, after all.┬áStill, that approach would work a little better with better fact selections and execution of the facts in question. The “King of Hearts” and “Telegraph” spots in particular leave something to be desired. In addition to the broadcast spots, there are also a series of truly bizarre, repetitive online spots that kick up the strangeness yet another notch.

Advertising Agency: Deutsch
Executive Creative Directors: Guto Araki, Bob Cianfrone
Art Director: Curtis Petraglia
Copywriter: Andrew Kong
Director: Dave Laden
Photographer: Neil Shapiro