Deutsch LA and Pizza Hut Revisit the 90’s with David Robinson

By Patrick Coffee 

Remember this 90’s classic by BBDO starring David Robinson’s V-neck sweater, Dennis Rodman’s belly button tattoos, and the revolutionary concept of stuffed crust pizza?

David may well have been “crazy,” but the idea worked pretty well for Pizza Hut. This weekend, Deutsch LA debuted a new ad revisiting that time capsule to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the great cheese-and-bread innovation.

Feel old yet? The first campaign also starred Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh.

The new work doesn’t quite mark a return to that singular moment in post-Cobain America: it uses a quick appearance by an older, wiser Robinson (who still favors the V-neck) and a slightly creepy Dick Vitale to announce a sale on the old stuffed crust, complete with new flavors.

Dennis Rodman was apparently too busy expressing his admiration for third-world dictators, inviting Seth Rogen to visit North Korea with him, and selling his original Hummer (which is covered by airbrushed images of naked women) to participate.

Here’s your basic product shots :30 spot: