Deutsch L.A. Will Will Be Advertising… Something for Taco Bell This Super Bowl

By Erik Oster 

Taco Bell announced it will be returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2013 with a 30-second ad from Deutsch L.A. which will run during the first quarter.

In a cryptic, intentionally-redacted statement, Taco Bell revealed that the ad would be promoting a new, “highly anticipated” menu item. We’re unsure how exactly the menu item can be “highly anticipated” when people don’t even know what it is, but the brand claims it will be “one of its biggest product launches to date.”

“We can’t wait to share the redacted_spacer_001 with redacted_spacer_001,” said Taco Bell chief concept and brand officer Chris Brandt, in the redacted statement. “We’ve taken delicious redacted_spacer_001 and placed it redacted_spacer_001 to create the next craveable food innovation you can only get at Taco Bell. After months of redacted_spacer_001 it’s finally time for everyone to get the chance to try the new redacted_spacer_001 for themselves.”

Feel free to fill in those blanks with the most ridiculous words you can imagine, a la Mad Libs.

Taco Bell closed out the statement by encouraging fans to follow along on The Feed on, promising further details in the lead up to the big game. You can read the rest of the statement here