Deutsch L.A. and Volkswagen Make Music for Sharks

By Patrick Coffee 

Deutsch L.A. has been busy over the past week reacquainting us with The Golden Sisters, making a pretty good case for bacon being delicious and reminding us that David Beckham is famous.

In its most recent work, the Deutsch team managed to tie sport wagons to sea creatures in a short documentary and accompanying interactive campaign for longtime client Volkswagen.

It’s a partnership between the car company and Discovery, the network behind your favorite nature shows and another “documentary” on the secret lives of mermaids (40 percent of respondents say they might be real!).

See, VW is getting into the PR game: it wants to improve these sharks’ reputations. Listen to the handsome man with the Australian accent! More importantly, listen to the music of the London Symphony Orchestra:

Sharks aren’t out to get us. Like bears and tigers and people who work in accounts, they’re far more interested in defending their own than eating people…unless you fuck with their kids.

Maybe Discovery and VW can help save more sharks. The eight reported attacks that have hit North Carolina beaches in the last five weeks don’t seem to have discouraged many tourists, so we might be in the mood to recast sharks as Disney heroes instead of the villains they seem destined to be.

The campaign’s website is interesting in that it allows viewers to use eye-tracking technology to compare the shark footage with classic, Jaws-style music and the newer, more saccharine score. It also dares to ask the question “Golf Sportwagen or Shark?”

It’s already working; we’re far more scared of these credits than any similarly overstuffed Great White.


Volkswagen Credits:

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Deutsch Credits:


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