Deutsch Continues Teasing Taco Bell’s New Mystery Item

By Erik Oster Comment

Early last month Deutsch began teasing its Super Bowl spot for Taco Bell, with the release of a cryptic, intentionally-redacted statement revealing that the ad will feature a mysterious new menu item. (Some have speculated that item will be the Quesalupa.) Now Taco Bell has released big game teaser spots from the agency, but the identity of the new menu item remains a mystery, even to the stars of the ads.

Three teaser spots feature Houston Rockets shooting guard James Harden, television personality/Ancient Aliens consulting producer and “alien expert” Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and “Texas law hawk”/misspelled Beach Boy Bryan Wilson. Each of the three pitchmen hold a green cube which is a stand-in for the new menu item, while claiming to be ignorant as to what the actual item will be. It’s a bit of an irritating approach, especially if it just turns out to be a Quesalupa, and Tsoukalos’ spot is especially insufferable (he ponders if the mystery item is part of a conspiracy). Taco Bell even has the audacity to ask viewers to pre-order the item (available February 8) before knowing what it is, which they can do via a cryptic site for $2.99. Hopefully Deutsch’s actual big game ad for the brand is a good deal more entertaining.