Design Geeks Exhume Spirit of Rube Goldberg for Google

By Michael Musco 

And so the Rube Goldberg lathering continues. Unlike our own slapdash, last-minute science fair projects, the engineering whizzes at Syyn Labs have created something much more spectacular with two Goldberg-inspired machines that promote Google Science Fair in NYC.

Directed by Jonathan Zames, the spot above showcases the mad skills of the aforementioned, LA-based creative Syyn, which also worked on the Gary Numan DieHard clip and the ubiquitous OK Go music video. It’s not the freshest idea, though, but works very well for a scientific piece, where it probably belonged in the first place. Need I explain how the contraption works? Just watch. Credits after the jump.

Director: Jonathan Zames
Producer/ Music SV: Norman Magnuson
EP: Andrea Leminske/
Google Product Marketing Manager: Cristin Frodella
Google Product Marketing Manager: Samantha Peters

Design Team: Syyn Labs
Executive Creative Director: Adam Sadowsky
Creative / Art Director: Hector Alvarez