Denver Agency Gives New Hires $1000 in Free Beer

By Bob Marshall 

Right now, Denver-based web developers Unleaded Group is seeking a programmer/software engineer to join their team. Aside from the winning applicant getting the job security and piece of mind that he or she is helping stimulate the U.S. economy at large with full-time employment, the winner will also get $1000 in beer from Denver Beer Company.

According to the company’s Facebook page, upon filling the position, “Unleaded will supply $1000 in beer from Denver Beer Company for you to celebrate your new career at Unleaded Group with your friends (Hey, remember to include your new Unleaded teammates…we like parties.)” So basically, if you’re hired at Unleaded, you have to have a party for all of your co-workers who you might not know. But, you’ll more than likely be blackout drunk, and what better way to meet someone in your office than by vomiting on them or trying to clumsily hook up with them?

Denver Beer Company is a brand new brewery to hit the Mile High city (actually established earlier this year). So, how much beer is $1000 worth? Well, assuming a Denver Beer Company six-pack sells for somewhere around $8.00, that’s 750 beers for you and your friends. Not a beer drinker? Then you probably won’t fit in well with Unleaded Group.

(via The Denver Egotist)