Dell’s Digital Nomad Site: The Commentary Round-up

By Matt Van Hoven 

Dell announced recently the launch of a new Web site, Digital Nomads. Far as we can tell, it’s the first Dell interactive that’s been touched by Enfatico, although we aren’t sure just how involved they were.

The site, which is hosted by Enfatico, is aimed at the burgeoning commonality of digital nomadry, or hyper-telecommuting (as we prefer to call it).

We did some research on what others are saying about the site, which you can check out after the jump.

On why the site could be valuable.

From BBC:

Andy Lark told BBC News that the ranks of the digital nomad were swelling as were expectations about the functions their laptops and notebooks could perform.

“The majority of people coming online and buying their first computer today are doing it in emerging countries like China, India and Brazil.

“If you look at India, about 67 percent or more of their workforce is going to be entirely mobile and that is driving the demand for new features in the laptop like all day connectivity, long battery life, high-level security and uncompromising design and durability.”

From Gaping Void:

I spent part of the morning having a good look at Digital Nomads, the new Dell blog. It seems Lionel Menchaka, one of my pals over at Dell is helping to run it. Also, I find to my delight that my old buddy, the uber-smart, uber-creative Phil Torrone, is also a contributor. So yeah, I’m hoping to see great things come out of the enterprise.

A “Digital Nomad” is roughly defined as someone who, thanks to the internet, can and does work anywhere he or she likes. Thanks to the internet, last February I was able to move from London, England to Alpine, Texas without changing jobs, so I guess it’s not surprising that this new Dell blog caught my attention.

From PSFK:

A look at the Media Gallery section reveals that the site is a promotion for new Dell laptops. But that’s ok, as we are talking about a marketing procedure and Digital Nomads for sure is a great theme to sell your product- a new Laptop Computer.

However the theme of Digital Nomads appears to be much bigger to us. Solely building a community around Tips and Tricks for the Nomad Worker with a nomad story here and there, along with some corresponding urban and on the road wallpapers seems to fall short of the topics’ richness.

Don’t get us wrong on this &#151 we’re not trying to be all anti about the site and we hope that by-and-by they will aggregate some great content. But wouldn’t it be nice to see a corporate funded site for Nomad Workers that actually helps them connect, find a space or a co-worker to sit with instead of just pouring a couple of blog posts around the topic? Hopefully in the end the white paper will lead to a follow-up project that tackles some of the Nomad Workers’ challenges.

From Tribble:

Bruce Eric Anderson, at Dell, noted that they worked with WPP’s ad agency Enfatico on the site.

A call however to Bruce was not returned in time for this publishing to verify if Enfatico actually did the entire site, or if they just advised Dell’s web development team…In other words…we are unsure if we should update the clock.

We are also unsure if this the ministry of truth talking, since the site launched weeks ago, and not one peep about Enfatico until now… when the whole world was lambasting them and the proper defense would be to point this out…

Either it’s not 100 percent factual, or it’s really bad PR.