Delimex Brings its Taquitos to the Street Vendors of Los Angeles

By Kyle O'Brien 

Kraft Heinz’s Delimex Taquitos are a much loved Mexican treat found in the frozen aisle for over 40 years, and now they’re making a move to the streets of Los Angeles to help boost the profile of street food vendors around the city.

Gut Miami worked with Google Maps on a campaign to support and raise awareness for authentic, Mexican street-style food vendors around L.A. The reason for the campaign is that these vendors, while they make delicious and authentic food, many people don’t know about them because they aren’t listed on Google Maps and most of their customers come from word-of-mouth recommendations.

This campaign is literally putting vendors on the map and in turn, each vendor is putting their own unique spin on Delimex Taquitos by using the taquitos alongside their own offerings to create delicious dishes.


“We know these authentic, Mexican street-style food stands are beloved by the local community but they certainly can be hard to find, as we found that many are not listed on Google Maps,” said Lauren Nowak, brand manager for Delimex at Kraft Heinz in a statement. “We felt this was the perfect opportunity for Delimex to not only help bring the vibrant flavors often found in Mexico, where the brand originated, to consumers here in the states, but also shine light on passionate chefs and put them on the map so more people have the opportunity to support and experience their delicious food.”

The campaign is utilizing several tactics to get the food vendors more visibility, including video interviews with the passionate chefs and vendors behind the food stands to highlight their locations, partnerships with local influencers and creators to spread the word, and grassroots-style activations including on-the-ground food cart collaborations.

“As a brand born from the streets of Mexico, we wanted to help Delimex tap into authentic Mexican street food culture and give vendors more visibility and a platform, ultimately helping to boost their small businesses, especially those who may be hard to find or can’t even be found online,” said Dean Paradise, executive creative director behind the campaign from Gut Miami.