Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Recruits Hot Bros for ‘Most Amazing Beer Ad Ever’

By Patrick Coffee 

Saatchi & Saatchi’s Argentinian office has promoted local Andes beer in the past by spoofing Edward Scissorhands and casting a “miraculous” hen that lays barley wine instead of eggs.

In its latest campaign for the client, Del Campo takes a more Droga5-esque approach with an ad about ads…and super hot dudes.

The idea here is that the incredibly attractive men in question (none of whom seem to work in advertising) will take one night off their busy nightlife schedules in order to make a beer ad…and give the world’s average-looking guys a fairer chance at romance via their absence on the dance floor.

In case you missed it, the press release reiterates:

“It was actually a fake casting whose objective was to take all good-looking men out of the competition for one night, so that average guys could finally be the centre of female attention.”

We have no way of knowing whether the project really happened the way this spot claims it did (color us skeptical), but we CAN say that such a stunt would never really work in “the real world.”

Also love the European spelling.


Client: AB-inbev
Product: Andes Beer
Title: “The Fairest Night of All”

Advertising agency: Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi Buenos Aires

Executive Creative Directors: Ariel Serkin, Juan Pablo Lufrano, Rafael Santamarina
Creative Directors: Matias Eusebi, Ammiel Fazzari
Copy writer: Tobías Tercic
Art Director: Hernan Garcia Dietrich
Head of art: Mariano Espagnol
Senior Art Director: Fernando Lanuza
Agency Chief Producer: Adrian Aspani

The Lovemarks Company

Agency Producer: Julia Calabria/Juan Manuel Cuervo
Account Supervisor: Manuela Sorzana
Client Responsable: Juan Zarattini y Patricio Agulleiro

Production Company: Agosto

Director: Diego Núñez Irigoyen
Executive producer: Luli Kramer
Producer: Chula D’amico
Photography Director: Martin Bendersky
Chief Producer: Soledad Belda
Post-production coordinator: Eric Bonzon
Editor: Andrés Boero
Colorist: Alejandro Armaleo
Post-production 3D: Che Revolution
Post Post-production Image: Che Revolution
Post Post-production Sound: La Casa
Post Music: Supercharango