De Niro, DiCaprio, Scorsese All Star in Casino Ad

By Erik Oster 

Martin Scorsese has famously never created a film featuring both of his two go-to actors — Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio — but the two appear alongside the director in a new ad for Melco Crown Entertainment casino resorts City of Dreams Manila and Studio City Macao called “The Audition.” (According to Truth in Advertising, De Niro and DiCaprio were each payed a handsome $15 million for their appearances, but we’re not sure where they got that figure from.)

A trailer for the full-length video (which will also star Brad Pitt) recently made its debut online. It opens on Scorsese explaining to the pair that no, they won’t finally be working on a project together, but will rather be auditioning for the same role while living it up at the “fabulous” locations. Much drinking, gambling and arguing between the pair of actors on who will get the part ensues. Given the star power of the duo, and the added allure of them never having worked together, it seems a pretty fair bet that this will manage to go viral before the full-length version makes an appearance.

According to Producer Brett Ratner, “The Audition” will makes its debut “at the launch of Studio City in mid-2015.”