DDB Milan Uses Tomato to Bring Online Laundry Awareness

By Kiran Aditham 

DDB Milan crafted this nice little piece of marketing for Italian online laundry service Lavonline. Initially launched in February, the “Tomato Splat” campaign consisted of a package that was sent to 1,000 people and contained a squishy tomato which you could throw at the shipping box that becomes a T-shirt target when you unfold it.

The campaign was targeted to young managers and professional types who perhaps can’t find laundry service after working late hours at the office. That’s where Lavonline comes in as it offers laundry and shoe repair/cleaning and lets you choose date, hours, address of pick-up and delivery of garments as well as payment type via its website. According to the company, within a month, 32 percent of the recipients registered on the Lavonline site, 8 percent tried their service and overall site traffic increased by 15 percent.


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