DDB Chicago Unveils ‘The Portrait’ for Skittles

By Erik Oster 

Last week, Skittles teased its Super Bowl ad from DDB Chicago with a GIF of Steven Tyler singing into a Skittles-covered microphone.

Now, to appease the loud pleads of the extensive Aerosmith/Skittles superfan crossover population, the brand has released the full 30-second spot from the agency. The agency’s sophomore Super Bowl effort for the brand is typically bizarre. It features Tyler being presented with a portrait of himself made with Skittles. (Skeven Tyler? Steven Tittles?) Tyler is unimpressed, even when the portrait begins to sing the old Aerosmith song “Dream On,” as the Skittles Tyler’s falsetto is just not high enough. We’re not sure exactly who this ad is supposed to appeal to (the aforementioned Aerosmith/Skittles superfans, who also happen to be on bath salts?) but we really don’t know what to make of it. Aside from the brand’s second consecutive Super Bowl ad, the spot is also notable for being its first to feature a celebrity. What made them settle on Steven Tyler is anyone’s guess.

Client: Skittles
Title: “Portrait”
Agency: DDB Chicago
SVP, Executive Producer: Will St. Clair
Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Andreas Nilsson
Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: John Smith
Assistant Editor: Alfred Cisneros
Executive Producer: Kristin Branstetter
Producer: Dawn Guzowski