DDB Chicago Unveils ‘Celebrate with a Bite’ for McDonald’s

By Erik Oster 

The biting of the medal has become a tradition at the Olympic games that symbolizes victory. DDB Chicago draws the connection between this iconic symbol and the biting of McNuggets and other McDonald’s products “sometimes used to celebrate life’s smaller victories” for the juggernaut Olympic sponsor.

The spot “takes viewers on a ride through Olympic history [which] cleverly juxtaposes medal-biting images with shots of fans across the world biting into McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.” The first 45 seconds or so of the 60 second spot are given to a well-produced homage to Olympic history. When athletes start biting their medals, the text “The greatest victories are celebrated with a bite” appears on screen, followed by shots of people digging into their McNuggets. It’s well executed, even if the idea of likening winning a gold medal to biting into a meal made of molded leftover chicken parts is quite the stretch. Credits after the jump.

Agency: DDB Chicago
Matt Eastwood – ECD
Tony Malcom  – ECD
Nancy Jordan – CD
Brian Boord – ACD
Chad Broude – ACD
Matt Green – Producer
Liat Ebersohl – Executive Producer
Production Company: Pytka
Director: Joe Pytka
Executive Producer: Tara Fitzpatrick
Line Producer: Gretchen Siss
Editing House: Whitehouse Post, Chicago
Editor: Meg Kubicka
Assistant Editor: Matt Jameson
Producer: Dawn Guzowski
Executive Producer: Dan Bryant
Audio/Sound Design: Gutenberg
Audio Engineer/Sound Designer: Nick Papaleo
Finish/FX: Filmworkers Chicago
Visual Effects Artist: Rob Churchill
Producer: Derek de Board
Executive Producer: Lisa Long
End Tag Animation: Vitamin