DDB Canada’s Netflix ‘Pep Talk’ Falls Flat

By Erik Oster 

While Netflix is absolutely everywhere in the US, the streaming service has had some trouble catching on in Canada, where “research showed that Canadians struggled to see the value in the service.” So how do you get Canadians to like something? Hockey, definitely hockey.

So, DDB Canada Vancouver whipped up (and it does feel whipped up) a locker room spot for the new Canadian brand campaign entitled “Pep Talk,” in which a coach tells his players to “remember that scene from that movie on Netflix” where “the coach…gave that speech…well that, gentleman, is what I am saying!” rather than provide a speech of his own. The whole thing is reminiscent of a Simpsons joke from the 1992 episode “Homer at the Bat” in which Mr. Burns tells his softball team, “So I want you to remember some inspiring words that someone else might have told you over the course of your lives, and go out there and win!” But, you know, a lot less funny.

The idea was to show “how stories you can find on Netflix stay with you anywhere, anytime.” It would have helped to create an ad that stuck with you, instead of one this forgettable. Credits after the jump.


Client: Netflix Canada

Agency: DDB Canada Vancouver

Executive Creative Director: Dean Lee, Cosmo Campbell

Creative Director: Dean Lee, Josh Fehr

Associate Creative Director: Daryl Gardiner

Copywriter: Jessica Schnurr            

Art Director: Daryl Gardiner

Agency Producer: Karen Brown

Account Team: Patty Jones, VP Client Services Director; Roger Nairn, Account Supervisor

Strategy: Rob Newell

Social Media Strategy: Marty Yaskowich


Production Company: Partners Films 

Director: Michael Downing

Director of Photography: Andre Pienaar    

Executive Producer: Gigi Realini

Producer: Shannon Barnes


Post-Production Company: Cycle Media 

Editor: Matthew Griffiths

Colourist: Claudio Sepulveda

VFX/Animation Co: Peter DeBay  

Audio House: Wave Productions 

Audio House Producer: Craig Zarazun
Audio House Engineer: Craig Zarazun

Music Composer: Bob Smart

Casting Agency: Steven Mann

Media Company: MEC Global