DAVID Miami Makes Pitmasters Look Dumb in New Heinz Campaign

By Erik Oster 

DAVID Miami launched a campaign for Heinz’s new line of BBQ sauces entitled “Pitmasters, Not Spokespeople.”

None of them are famous, and an outtakes-style ad proceeds to make them all look kind of dumb.

A 30-second broadcast spot at the center of the campaign presents a (perhaps staged) blooper real with the pitmasters who worked with Heinz to develop the sauces. Near the end of the spot, a voiceover admits, “Pitmasters don’t make great spokespeople, they make great barbecue sauce.”

Heinz’s new range of regionally-inspired BBQ sauces includes Kansas City Style, Texas Style, Memphis Style and Carolina Style variants. All of these are represented in the spot by their respective pitmasters, who flub up in one way or another in the spot.

We’re not sure how authentic the sauces or the bloopers in the spot are. But we do know that Carolina Style is just objectively superior…and that we’re now hungry for some barbecue.

There’s just got to be a better way to show off the regional variations on barbecue styles than mocking the pitmasters. Maybe Heinz should revisit the the inevitable arguments over which style is best (again, the correct answer is Carolina Style).