David Launches ‘Random Gloria Tour’ for Burger King

By Erik Oster 

To bring back Burger King’s chicken fires to select locations, agency David decided to make the selection of those locations random and via chicken. So they selected a chicken named Gloria, who selects the fate of each location by eating feed out of either a “yes” or “no” bowl. As some have pointed out, this means Gloria is essentially selecting which locations are serving fried up versions of the meat of her species. (It is unclear if Gloria herself will become a chicken fry following the stunt.)

“Gloria has the final word,” Burger King told Adweek. “She can’t be bought, seduced or swayed. After the decision, fans can take celebratory or sad-face photos with her.”

Gloria began her tour in Bayonne, New Jersey, disappointing crowds by selecting the “no” bowl. Her next stop was Colmar Manor, Maryland, where she treated residents to a day of chicken fries by selecting “yes.” There’s a live feed of Gloria’s adventures at www.chickenfries.com and fans can also keep track of the campaign on Burger King’s YouTube page, or on social media via the hashtags #RandomGloria and #ChickenFries. After a “no” decision yesterday in Henderson, North Carolina, Gloria will be making an appearance today in Atlanta, with the livestream beginning at one.