David Launches Debate-Themed Spots for Burger King

By Erik Oster 

Following on the heels of Saturday’s Democratic Party debate and with the next GOP debate almost a month away (givingĀ frontrunnersĀ Ben Carson andĀ Donald Trump the opportunity to say approximately two dozen batshit crazy things), David is launching two nearly-identical debate-themed ads promoting Burger King’s 10 nuggets for $1.49 deal.

In the spots, a moderator asks, “Mr. King, what can you offer that your opponent can’t,” to which the spokesperson replies by simply unveiling a banner announcing the deal. His opponents responses vary in the two ads between nervous laughter and an incredulous mouth noises. Aside from the odd timing (it would have made a lot more sense to debut these in the lead up to or during the Democratic Party debate this past weekend), the ads feel like a missed opportunity. Even working within the confines of a 15-second ad, there would have been plenty of room to deliver some kind of punchline in the opponent’s response. After all, there’s plenty to make fun of in the debate process. Instead, the spots just kind of fizzle out.

Agency: David
Chief Creative Officer: Anselmo Ramos
ACD/AD: Tony Kalathara
ACD/CW: Russell Dodson
Planner: Paul Ramirez
Global Head of Production: Veronica Beach
Associate Producer: Sharon Campos
Managing Director: Paulo Fogaca
Account Supervisor: Rafael Giorgino
Group Account Director: Michelle Cobas
Head of Business Affairs Manager: Ann Marie Turbitt
Production Company: Station Films
Director: Sam Cadman
DP: Matthew Woolf
Executive Producer: Michelle Towse
Line Producer: Angela Jones
Production Supervisor: Rachel Slayback
Casting Agent: Ross Lacy Casting
Editorial Company: Cosmo Street NYC
Edit House Contact: Viet-An Ngeyen
Editor: Lawrence Young
Assistant Editor: Andy Berner
Animation/Graphics Companies: Method Animation and SUSPECT
Designer: John Koltai (Method) and Hoon Chong (SUSPECT)
Producer: Matthew Engel (Method) and John Handal (SUSPECT)
AE Artist: Hoon Chong (SUSPECT)