David Fowler On The Creative Director’s Dilemma

By SuperSpy 

We were just talking about David Lubars, Big Spaceship and the role of the creative director. To add to that conversation, lets add the thoughts of David Fowler, CD of Ogilvy Worldwide. Key thought (around 3:36):

“You have to build or begin an idea fit for purpose. You have to have an idea that’s organically scalable that can be transferred to other people in other disciplines. If you just have the idea and try to retro-fit that, it’s very difficult. But if you in fact, if you take those people and those other disciplines into account when you conjure the notion, then you’ve reduced a tremendous amount of friction going forward.”

Right. There you go. Creative Directors need to be thinking about all the extensions at the point of ideation, which doesn’t seem to be happening at some of the death stars (Big Spaceship and BBDO being a great example). It’s the cause of a lot of tension between digital and traditional shops, as well as the PR units that get involved later in the game play.

Addendum: Fowler is incredibly thoughtful and doesn’t he seem rather nice?