David Celebrates Chicken Fries for Burger King

By Erik Oster 

Last week, we wrote about David’s “Random Gloria Tour” for Burger King, a stunt which saw a chicken traveling the country and deciding which locations would get the chain’s Chicken Fries on its menu for a limited time. Now, David has launched a campaign announcing the national release of the menu item for an “unlimited time” beginning today.

“The excitement was so palpable that following the tour, there was only one card to play and that was to make Chicken Fries available for everyone, for good,” Burger King said in a press release, although it seems obvious that a national release was planned all along. Bringing back Chicken Fries seems like an obvious decision for the brand, which saw same-store sales in the US and Canada rise 3.6 percent coinciding with a limited reintroduction of the product last year, according to AdAge.


The new campaign will launch with a series of two 15-second broadcast spots which begin airing March 26th. Both spots employ quirky, over-the-top humor to reintroduce the product. In “Coopid” (featured above), for example, a chicken browses through a Tinder-like dating app (although the title brings to mind OK Cupid), rejecting potential partners until it finds the right match with Burger King fries. In “Date,” a chick attempts to sneak out with her motorcycle-riding young love, much to her father’s chagrin. Both spots end with the line, “There’s just no stopping true love,” seemingly a nod to fans’ passion for the product.

In addition to the broadcast spots, Burger King is also jumping on the branded emoji trend, releasing a Chicken Fries emoji keyboard, available at both the Google Play and iTunes App Store.