Dave & Buster’s Enlists Cowboys Star Micah Parsons for Fall Campaign

By Kyle O'Brien 

Micah Parsons is coming off the gridiron to have an afternoon with someone’s grandmother as well as filling in for parents at a parent-teacher conference.

The humorously unlikely scenarios are part of a new campaign from Mother in New York, “Trade for Dave & Busters,” which has adults shirking their adult duties to head to Dave & Busters to watch fall sports and enjoy $5 bites.

The campaign was directed by David Shafei of production house World War 7 and features Dallas Cowboys star linebacker Parsons helping D&B fans unlearn adulthood by covering their adult obligations.


One spot, “Gam Gam,” shows people partying at Dave & Busters. One man says that he wanted to go watch spots but had to “go see Gam Gam,” so he decided to make a trade. The action cuts to Parsons, in uniform, sitting with the man’s grandmother. Both trade hilariously deadpan statements about the air conditioner temperature before the action moves back to the restaurant.

Another, “Conference,” finds Parsons sitting in for parents, awkwardly talking to a very confused teacher.

The spots cut to the guests eating and watching sports at D&B with a voiceover urging viewers to “make the trade for $5 bites.”

Further extensions of the campaign will continue to roll out throughout the fall.

Created in partnership with Mother in New York, the campaign builds on Dave & Buster’s new brand platform, “You Know You Want To,” aimed at helping adults across America leave behind the responsibilities of adulthood and go to Dave & Buster’s with their crew.

Adulting is demanding. When the ultimate bliss of free time presents itself, we find ourselves doing things expected of us that we don’t want to do, which we illustrate in the hero spot—Gam Gam. We love our grandmas, but tough decisions must be made during peak fall sports season. Subbing in Dallas Cowboys’ star linebacker Micah Parsons to hang out with Gam Gam perfectly encapsulates the campaign’s sentiment,” said Matt Vitou, creative director, Mother in NY in a statement.

In May, Mother created the first campaign under the new positioning called “The Dave & Buster’s Method,” featuring fictional spokesperson James Flag sharing the philosophy behind The Method.

Mother New York earned the Dave & Buster’s business in 2020.