Damn Right, We’re Writing About Prime Rib Day Greeting Cards

By Doug Zanger 

It’s unclear when the first promotional “holiday” came to be, yet here we are with lists and lists of wacky days celebrating all manner of things. To be fair, April has some important things to be aware of like Autism Awareness Month and Month of the Military Child. But, peppered into some serious stuff in April come things like Fish Fingers and Custard Day (U.K. only, thankfully) and, as we noted over on Adweek, International ASMR Day (who knew?)

Usually, when we get pitches for these types of things, there can be a reasonably significant eye roll and, after doing some quick math (read: wild speculation), the “hard pass” percentage of these things is around (again, this is just a guess) 94.7%. Yet, from time to time, one makes it through the cynical wooden doors, and we would be lying if we told you we weren’t excited about Prime Rib Day, which was on Apr. 27.

Falling on the same day as Morse Code Day, World Veterinary Day and Independent Bookstore Day, Canadian agency Rethink celebrated the meat that’s a special on many Friday menus with greeting cards for their client The Keg Steakhouse + Bar.

There’s puns-a-plenty like “Let’s Celebrate This Rare Occasion” (Prime Rib is usually cooked medium rare. Get it?) featured on greeting cards with a hunk of rare meat featuring prominently on each. Of course, these cards are to remind all Canadian carnivores that The Keg marinates their Prime Rib for 24 hours in a unique blend of spices.

The cards were sold at The Blue Banana Market in Kensington Toronto (which is a 10-minute drive to the closest restaurant) and in all locations of the chain.

In the spirit of equal time, it should be noted that World Vegan Day is Nov. 1. There’s no word on whether or not Rethink will be celebrating that “holiday,” but we’ll be waiting with bated breath … and a slightly higher cholesterol level.