Dale Peterson Ad for Alabama Agriculture Commission, Now With Bonus Rifle

By Matt Van Hoven 

The first alarming part of this video is when Dale Peterson, who is running for Alabama’s Agriculture Commissioner (which controls $5 billion according to the ad), is when he whips out a rifle. Typically, the last thing you expect to see in a political ad is a gun because it makes the candidate look like he could kill you. But as AConservativeLesbian explains, “Oh, and for the city slickers: Peterson has the rifle because a lot of farming consists of shooting varmints that are eating your crops.”

But in the ad Peterson explains that he’s also been a Marine and a cop &#151 so it stands to reason that carrying a gun could be perceived as, um, having to do with keeping the peace beyond the context of farming. Come on though, did anyone think this guy doesn’t own a gun or two? Either way, this will go down in obscure internet meme history, filed under “uncomfortable political ads meant to intimidate varmints of human and non-human varities.”


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