Curious Tips, it’s Time We Mentioned Thee

By Matt Van Hoven 

Every few days or so we get anonymous tips of a similar but unique nature and now it’s time we mention them. They may be coming from the same person (who knows!) or maybe a bunch of you are getting together to firebomb us. The messages are simple, containing one or two words &#151 always part of (or an entire) agency name.

Today it’s “Cole”, as in Cole Weber United. In recent weeks we’ve gotten Enfatico, Colle McVoy, Deutsch and so on. Now, some of these agencies have had layoffs but the tips don’t seem to precede any big news about these agencies. So ah, whoever you are Mr/Mrs kindly tipster, we appreciate your info but are either too thick to get what’s going or overthinking your “tips”. Either way, it’ all good.

Update: You all are friggin geniuses. As noted in the comments, people are probably using the tips box for search. Good to know!

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