‘Crush With Cupid’ Offers Last-Minute Fix for V-Day

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Some of you may be familiar with “Bang With Friends,” the Facebook app (which some have already branded the “evilest app ever“) for those wanting to use social media as a way to casually have sex with acquaintances who like their status updates. I couldn’t tell you the success rate for BWF, but I imagine anonymously finding Facebook friends who want to bang is about as likely as anonymously finding Facebook friends who want to bang. There’s no other comparison (cue Aziz Ansari face).

Liz Jamora, Steven Lu and Zach Myrow at NYC-based Noise have taken the concept and classed it up for people who actually have healthy human relationships. Instead of BWF, they’ve given us “Crush With Cupid,” an app that uses the same concept and an identical web design to connect potential crushes on Valentine’s Day. If two crushes match up, they can access special Groupon deals. They can have sex, you know, if it happens organically, but the implication isn’t to just bang. They made a Law & Order: SVU episode about one of those BWF services, enough said.

Even though CWC looks to be a better alternative to BWF, there’s still another option that supercedes them both: up-front communication. If you need to use an anonymous Facebook service to see if a crush has reciprocal feelings, you’ve probably lost the battle before it even begins. Food for thought while you make last minute V-Day plans.