‘Crush The Speed’ Warns Drivers to Slow Down via Smashed Cars, Has Nothing to do With Amphetamines

By Erik Oster 

Hungry Boys’ new campaign for insurance company Alfa Strakhovanie, “Crush The Speed,” uses strategically-placed totaled cars to curtail speeding in Moscow — which has one of the highest rates of road fatalities in the world. Vlad Stinikov, Creative Director at Hungry Boys hopes the project will “raise awareness of the unfathomable loss of life Moscow residents suffer as a result of excessive speeding” and cause drivers who observe the wrecks to consider their own driving safety.

But Hungry Boys doesn’t just decide where to place the wrecked vehicles themselves, they allow people to decide which locations are in most need of the warnings. Visitors to the “Crush The Speed’ campaign site can vote on the locations of the seven cars used in the campaign using Google Maps. The location of the cars is changed every week, causing responsible driving and/or rubber-necking in a brand new area.

Svetlana Beri, director of marketing communications at Alfa Strakhovanie cited reported incidents of hit-and-run caused by speeding as a major concern, saying “If we can help save one life, this campaign can be hailed a success.”

But in the words of Homer Simpson: “Sure it’ll save a few lives, but millions will be late!” Credits after the jump.

Crush The Speed Project from Vlad Sitnikov on Vimeo.


Creative director:  Vlad Sitnikov
Creator:  Arthur Miroshnichenko
Motion design:  Max Malakhov
Producer: Victor Kozlov
Designer:  Ilya Shakirov
Programmer:  Anton Perepelitsyn