Crowdsorcery Casting Spells on Portfolio School Dropouts, Too

By Matt Van Hoven 

Eric Stiles and Nick Larson are ad school dropouts. Ha ha, losers. Wait, no they’re just poors, and they’re finishing their books independently. But of course they need help, yours in fact, and they’re willing to pay. Take that, ad school system.

“Ad school is expensive,” the pair wrote on a site developed for the project, “We started there, but left to save money and finish our books independently. Sometimes, however, we could use some extra guidance. That’s where you come in. We’ve got some ideas for this campaign, but are seeking the best feedback we can get.

We’ve got $600. Whoever can provide us the best direction will be rewarded with cash.”

They even got a fancy Crispin creative to help pick which advice is best. But which? “He’s a creative at Crispin, but wants to make this project to be more about us than him,” said Larson.Check out the site/project here. You could win some moneys!

Update The guys attended Miami Ad-School, SF.

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