Crossmedia Wins Pitch for Jägermeister’s Media Business

By Patrick Coffee 

It’s not just for frat parties anymore.

German digestif Jägermeister—perhaps best known for its ability to get the job done, and how—has signed indie Crossmedia as media AOR after a competitive review.

It’s like déjà vu all over again, because the New York-based agency also handled the business in 2014. The cause of that unfortunate split is unclear at this time, but the press release claims that the decision “not only reunites old friends and associates” but also “signals a new approach to marketing the brand.” (Cue the Peaches & Herb.)

“This is not about spots and dots,” said Crossmedia CEO Kamran Asghar, “it’s about the brand establishing a meaningful connection with an informed audience and delivering an entirely new creative approach, focusing on their rich and storied German heritage with a modern spin.”

“We have such a storied history in the industry and we’re looking forward to breaking boundaries and forging new paths with Crossmedia as our lead creative media agency,” said Mast-Jägermeister US CMO Chris Peddy.

The company’s paid media spend remains somewhat small thanks, in large part, to its well-established presence in every single American watering hole. Kantar Media lists Jägermeister’s total 2015 budget at $755,000 in the U.S.

Here’s the key point, though: the brand will launch a “compelling and laser-focused multi-channel integrated program” in Q2 with some help from Crossmedia, Opperman Weiss, Ogilvy, Geometry and Red Peg. (OW picked up creative AOR duties, which had been with Mistress, in a review last summer.)

Now here’s Vice’s 2015 take on that history in a video sponsored—of course—by Jägermeister.