Crispin Interns Band Together for Employment Purposes, Camaraderie

By Matt Van Hoven 

Interns. They’re always doing showy-offy things to get jobs. Sometimes they sit in basements and bitch about how they’re better than everyone/thing. Others they work for Crispin, drawing mutual ire from other interns (sometimes) and industry folk who are pissed for Jim knows why. They’re just interns people.

Oh wait, now they have a Web site,, where you can go hand pick any of the 27 kids who all of a sudden are facing the real world. From Colorado, or Miami. Welcome to it, kids. Consider yourselves lucky &#151 the rest of your colleagues are doing this the old-fashioned way (eh hem, AgencySpy intern Ralph Lee, savviest mother-loving man who is interning for us right now). Fellatio.


Vendor probably needs some help, or Victors & Spoils. Other than that, you’re all screwed.

Via DenverEgotist

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