Crispin Creative Sounds the Alarm(s) with Side Project

By Kiran Aditham 

Since we seem to have some sort of affinity for the off-the-clock endeavors of agency creatives, let’s keep the ball rolling and turn our attention to one Rajeev Basu, a bloke from across the pond who’s spent the last eight months in Boulder working at CP+B on Kraft (Jell-O) and BK before that account set sail.

Basu recently spoke with the folks behind the Creators Project–the collaboration between Intel and Vice that celebrates all things creativity, culture and technology–about his concept album, EEP EEP EEP EP, which brings together various sound designers who concocted a 12-minute opus based entirely on alarm sounds. For his part, Basu contributed individual artwork (based solely on clip-art) for each of the four tracks and now, he’s launched a remix contest that invites others to contribute their alarm interpretations.


Creators Project says EEP is comparable to Matthew Herbert, but we’re thinking it’s more akin to Pierre Henry, Pole, Scanner and the like. Read the full Q+A here.  As for his previous agency credentials, Basu toiled at Fallon London and RKCR/Y&R before heading to CP+B.