Credit Where Credit Is Due? Droga5 Vs. Poke New York

By SuperSpy 

Ah, it’s awards season. Let the scandals, dust-ups and hurt feelings begin! Sigh… Poke New York is a bit upset with Droga5. Over on the digital agency’s website, a post has appeared that reads:

“So, a while back we partnered with the awesome crew over at Droga5 to help them develop the Million, a project in conjunction with the New York City public school system that aims to ignite students’ interests in their studies by offering a free cell phone that’s fueled by merit-based achievements (grades, attendance, etc.).”

Who knew? The Million, which is great project, won an Andy last week, as well as the Richard T. O’Reilly Award (for Public Service Announcement. On the Andy’s entry form, Poke was listed as a production company and this is where the agency is taking issue, albeit very sweetly:

“It was a true partnership where POKE worked hand in hand with the fine folks at Droga to create a comprehensive digital and mobile strategy along with a full-term roll-out plan on how to take Million to the world.

Now, our sources say that Droga5 filed all the entry forms and Poke was never ask about how they wanted to be listed. Then again, (from what we know) Poke never interjected to make sure they got the accolades they felt were due. Here we go again… how much hand did the digital agency have in the strategy, as well as the execution of a campaign? Poke declined to comment. A message was left for Droga, but alas… this snafu over credit will just have to be piled atop the rest.

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