Cramer-Krasselt Says Kraft-Heinz Sent Its Super Bowl Work to Brazil

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Here’s a bit of completely understandable sour-grapes aggregation for you.

Cramer-Krasselt CEO Peter Krivkovich spoke to Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Business Journal this week and did a bit of venting about Heinz Ketchup’s decision to bypass his agency for this year’s Super Bowl ad in favor of the Miami offices of Brazil-based Ogilvy offshoot David.

This happened despite the fact that C-K made Heinz’ famous farting ketchup ad two years ago.┬áKrivokovich said, “For all intents and purposes we’re out,” adding, “We don’t know anyone there now.”

Lazare theorizes that Kraft-Heinz went with David because 3G Capital, the company that facilitated the merger along with Warren Buffett, is also based in Brazil. Bros doing favors for bros, that sort of thing.

Krivokovich attributes the move to simple old-fashioned cost-cutting. “I think they are still looking for good advertising ideas wherever they find them that can be executed with an eye to cost-efficiency.”

It’s not exactly clear why David would be cheaper or whether this decision could, as Lazare insinuates, turn out to be bad news for Leo Burnett.

But we think you’ll agree that it comes off as a bit ruthless.