Craigslist Post Offers to Sell All of Publicis Groupe’s ‘Mint Condition’ Cannes Trophies

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Here’s a brief and mildly amusing response to the completely justified outrage (OUTRAGE!!!) over Publicis Groupe’s decision to stop competing for fancy statues, much to the dismay of its creative class.

An anonymous reader who may also be the poster in question directed us to a very recently added Craigslist entry offering to sell all trophies formerly owned by a certain French holding company.

OK, that was a funny joke. Now what’s the price? Please say free or close to it.

Some might ask why one needs such “positive reinforcement” in the first place, but we hear from people working in fields like┬ámedia that busting your fucking ass all year without any recognition can sometimes feel a little … what’s the word … infuriating?

Anyway, we hope everyone makes it through this trying time and sends us a bunch of self-righteous rants that we may well publish on our WORD PRESS PLATFORM.

And yes, we know that’s an American flag in the awesome trophy case. Did you really need to see another Lion?

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