Craigslist Ad of the Day: Kids Bracelet – $20

By Matt Van Hoven 

Craigslist is full of goodness. Take this ad from an Indianapolis woman who went through her son’s stuff after he went away to college. Now, being a pioneering lady she decided to sell some of the items, one of which is the “bracelet” above. Though the ad is a fake from JerksinYourArea, it’s still really funny. The copy from the ad is pasted below.

“I’m selling this funky kids friendship bracelet and some other items from our garage sale. Found it in a box in my sons room after he moved out to college. I don’t think he has used it much, at least I never sawing him wearing it. He seemed really embarassed when I asked him why he had a girl’s bracelet in there! Anyway it seems to be in decent condition althought the rope has really taken a beating! Slightly stretched out. Still has good elasticity. It is great for a young girl as a going back-to-school gift. Im not exactly sure how it goes on… It could also make a funky anklet, or a key chain… that could be a bit cumbersome though. Could be added to a charm necklace as well. You get the idea. Respond to the email


Click here to see the full sized listing.

Via HighDefinite
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