Craigslist Ad Gives Star Wars Nerds Everywhere a Bad Name

By Kiran Aditham 

While it’s now been flagged for removal, Gothamist managed to capture the text of a New York Craigslist ad that one can safely say is anything but tasteful. The text reads as follows:

“Need an amputee to complete my Halloween costume (Brooklyn)…So this might seem strange and really offensive to some but hopefully someone will reply. I have always loved the scene in Empire Strikes Back where Chewbacca has to carry around a half reconstructed C3PO in a backpack because he hasn’t reattached his lower body yet. For Halloween I would love to dress up like this. I am big enough and strong enough to both pull off the Chewbacca look and to carry around a lot of weight for the night. So basically I am looking for a double amputee (someone missing both legs–preferably at the hip) to accompany me as C3PO for the evening. We should meet ahead of time so that we can work out the backpack/harness system. There are a few parties that I want to hit and I think we will be the hit of any event we attend. Anyone up for this?”

Even self-proclaimed geek blogs like Topless Robot are left aghast, calling this poster “the most awful nerd in America”–though this does succeed in dissuading us even more from attending a Comic-Con. Where’s that lovable light-saber wielding kid when you need him?

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