CP+B Soliciting Logo Designs for New Bourbon Brand

By Kiran Aditham 

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is once again looking to the graphic design community at large for logo designs, this time for a new bourbon brand called Angel’s Envy. The reward? $1,000.

The brief on the Crowdspring site reads: “We’re developing an uncommon bourbon to stand above the likes of Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek on the bar shelf. What makes this bourbon unique is the way it’s aged. As raw whiskey matures in its barrels, portions evaporate and become part of the ether, or, as master distillers have come to regard it, the angel’s share.”

The tipster who informed us of this effort asks a good question, though. How much is CP+B in turn being paid by the client? When we proposed this to the Twitterverse, we were given guesstimates that Crispin itself is probably netting around $10K while $2K seems to be a more ideal payday for the freelancer. FYI, the Angel’s Envy logo design contest ends on Thursday.

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