CP+B, Domino’s Vets Launch New Boulder Shop ‘Work in Progress’

By Patrick Coffee 

work in progressJust over a month ago, we noted that 6 veterans of Crispin Porter + Bogusky’s Domino’s team had left that shop to launch their own operation.

This week, the new Boulder-based project from Matt TalbottAndrew Lincoln, Alex Guerri, Evan RussackStafford Bosak and Harold Jones went public with the help of “startup veteran” Pete Sheinbaum, who will lead business and legal after working with DailyCandy, Ello, HotelTonight and a bunch of others.

It’s called Work in Progress, and we got the press release! Here’s what we believe to be a mission statement:

“WorkInProgress is built on the belief that every company should view itself as a work in progress. And to do so, it must take action. The shop aims to help clients boldly act, innovate and create to prove what is at their core. Actions can take the form of a piece of technology, a stunt, a service, an event, an initiative, a promise, product improvements, new products and more.”

Both the release and the Work in Progress home page are very much focused on the Domino’s account, listing stock bumps, sales growth and revenue increases. One key line from the site reads: “Our philosophy and our team are responsible for Domino’s transformation since 2009, and the results that came with it.”

We hear that some may take issue with that statement, but the release notes a few specific CP+B projects including the 2010 Pizza Turnaround campaign, Emoji/Zero Click ordering and the delivery vehicle of the future. WIP’s homepage also notes other campaigns like Hotels.com’s Captain Obvious and the Kraft Mac & Cheese work.

Going back to the Lindsay Slaby report about the current and future state of agencies, it would seem that WIP is going all in on the tech solutions angle.

The release states, “The team believes that people should also view themselves as works in progress. Leaving the comfort of their jobs at CP+B was a difficult decision, one they felt was necessary for growth. They look forward to working with new companies and applying their philosophy across multiple industries and categories.”

Which companies would those be? The group is currently in New York City pitching some new business, but Guerri understandably declined to elaborate. He also didn’t tell us which clients Work in Progress claims at the moment, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Work in Progress is also currently hiring with some qualifiers:

“Inventors more than ad men and women. Problem solvers more than portfolio puffery pushers. No assholes. No egos. No hiding because you can’t do the job. No selfishness. No disrespecting people or their time.”

That would eliminate at least a few.