CP+B Delivers Car of the Future for Domino’s

By Erik Oster 

CP+B launched a pair of new spots for Domino’s highlighting the chain’s new DXP delivery car, which rolled out in October.

The 60-second “Delivery Car of the Future” mocks auto advertising conventions with an over-the-top voiceover which begins “It’s time, time to imagine the unimaginable, reimagined” while a technician in a white lab coat inspects the vehicle. As the spot goes on the voiceover talks up such real features as the vehicle’s built-in warming oven, as well as less-serious claims such as “pizza-inspired wheels” before concluding with the line “That’s right,  a pizza company just made a pizza delivery car,” followed by the tagline “Oh Yes We Did.” A second spot, sees the DXP speeding through the desert to deliver a pizza to a movie set. While it may seem strange to advertise an item (the DXP) that consumers can’t buy, the vehicle (of which there are currently 97 on the road, with plans for another 50 this year) serves as a reminder to Domino’s commitment to improving its delivery capabilities.

“It’s a tangible example of the fanaticism we feel as a pizza delivery company,” Domino’s chief marketing officer Joe Jordan told AdAge. “We really did do this. This is a dedicated, purpose-built pizza delivery car.”

Jordan added that the brand’s marketing will focus on the DXP for the next several months.