CP+B Dabbles in Slasher Films

By Kiran Aditham 

Finally, something near and dear to this horror fan’s heart. Crispin Porter + Bogusky has teamed up with filmmakers Dean and Harrison Zanuck to bring us the Tontine Massacre, a flick that the parties involved are calling “part cultural commentary, part slasher film” and all “Altered Reality.”

Obviously taking its cues from the Blair Witch Project, [REC] and Paranormal Activity, the film is based on “found footage” that centers on a reality show called Tontine, where contestants vie for a $10 million prize but which apparently never made it past the casting call in 2007. Apparently, the host, a douchey Survivor alum named “Boston Rob” Mariano punched an auditioner in the head, everything went downhill and the cast was murdered.

Regarding CP+B’s marketing involvement, the Zanucks explain in a statement, “We’re at our best when we’re going beyond making ads, and starting at the product design level. In this case, product design meant editing the film to amplify the film’s back-story as a living, breathing reality.”

Crispin VP/CD Omid Farhang adds, “Movie marketing is a very different place than the days of Blair Witch. Tontine Massacre is about giving our audience the tools to suspend their disbelief just enough to make the experience feel bigger and more interactive than a traditional movie.”

It’s not the most novel concept by any means, but we’ll most likely be tuning into the film’s official site on July 1 for the one-day sneak peek. After the jump, you can peep Mariano’s “leaked deposition footage.”

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