Could Five Percent of Ad Spend Be Used for ‘Greater Good?’

By Bob Marshall 

As the above video and adorable children will tell you, $500 billion is spent annually on advertising. Today marks the launch of ADD or DELETE, an all caps social initiative dedicated to reallocating five percent of that money (approx. $25 billion) toward positive societal change.

The launch is timed to coincide with Super Bowl XLV and the enormous amount of attention being drawn to the $3 million price of a 30-second ad. Led by Minneapolis-based marketing group Haberman, ADD or DELETE urges consumers to question the value of that expensive advertising in two weeks. In a press release, Haberman MD Eric Block says he wants viewers to ask the question, ‘Is the approximately $3 million dollars being spent on every ad ADDing value or would you rather DELETE it?'”

The company’s namesake/CEO Fred Haberman echoes Block’s plan for the campaign, saying, “ADD or DELETE inspires marketing professionals to consider their legacies; do you want to be known for gaining approvals for lavish ad shoots or for creating campaigns that positively impact our world?”

Given the two participating NFL teams’ large fan bases, it’s a sure bet that a ton of people will be watching the Super Bowl this year, and the price of those 30-second spots isn’t going to drop before the game. What does the average sports fan prefer: watching Robert Goulet climb around on a ceiling, watching a giggling woman ride a seal, or hearing Tim Tebow speak out against abortions?