Cottage-Dweller Bogusky Presents All-Important Reading List

By Kiran Aditham 

As he continues plotting the future of his Fearless Revolution from the confines of his Boulder chalet, Alex Bogusky wants to provide some reading recommendations. Yes, we’re currently halfway through Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s Strain trilogy, but maybe we can induce a coma once we’re done with the selections below (j/k literati), which includes commentary and were provided to Shareen Pathak at FINS. Was Alex listening to another certain Alex on the radio?

1. The New Capitalist Manifesto, by Umair Haque

To get ahead in business, you have to understand economic conditions. Haque’s 2011 book published by Harvard Business Press explains the historic shift that is taking place in our economy and affecting all businesses. The tome places heavy emphasis on how using renewable resources and democratically allocating resources will help businesses.

Key Takeaway: “Constructive capitalism” is the future.

2. Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

If you’re in the ad business, you’re in the creative business. But why do some creative ideas never lead anywhere? Belsky tells you why in this 2010 book published by Portfolio. The book includes case studies from major companies which show how a new mindset can change the very notion of creativity. It places heavy emphasis on basing employee compensation on achievement, not hours.

Key Takeaway: Action is essential to seeing a project through.

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