Corona, Leo Burnett Mexico Know Where Trump Can Shove That Wall

By Patrick Coffee Comment

Just think … we are almost done with ads making fun of Donald Trump!

Or are we? Who could possibly resist such luscious, low-hanging, orange-faced fruit?!

The latest brand to weigh in on “the wall that mad man wants to build” is Corona, which enters the game late with help from Leo Burnett Mexico and Diego Luna, aka The Less Talented One from Y Tu Mama Tambien.

You will not be surprised to learn that this ad has absolutely nothing to do with beer.

It does, however, make some statements about Mexico and the identities of its people. The press release quote from Leo Burnett Mexico creative VP Daniel Pérez Pallares:

“‘The Wall’ ad directly speaks to consumers by addressing them personally, inviting them to break their own mental barriers. It inspires them to become their better selves, to not let others dictate their lives, to praise their perseverance and the efforts of others. Given Corona’s global influence and heritage in Mexico, they have a powerful voice to spread this message. We’re honored to work with them on such an important project.”

That next to last sentence is key. Corona is almost positioning itself as a brand that represents the Mexican people, most of whom do not wear sombreros, eat tacos and talk about “gringos” all day. Millions of Americans really do seem to see them this way, though. It’s weird.

“Desfronterizate” is a made-up word that client and agency tell us to read as “break your barriers.” So, despite the very specific politics referenced here, the message is really “don’t listen to the ‘haters who criticize other people’s success'” and, more importantly, “be yourself.”

Never heard that one in advertising before.


Agency: Leo Burnett Mexico
Client: Corona
Director: Rodrigo Saavedra
Production Company: Landia