Copywriter Kicks Off Indiegogo Campaign to Buy Kickstarter

By Kiran Aditham 


Let the crowdfunding worlds collide in this bit of Friday filler that comes to us courtesy of Martin Baker, a copywriter at Barton F. Graf 9000, LLC who recently decided to take the piss and (we assume) pursue his grand ambition of buying Kickstarter.

Baker, a Creative Circus alum who logged a year-plus at Mother before joining BFG, has found the perfect outlet to achieve his dream: Indiegogo. Clever. Now, with 60 days to go, Baker hopes to raise a measly $2 billion to bring his entrepreneurial vision to life.

Surprisingly, Baker has managed to raise $12 from three contributors in just a few hours; maybe the promise of a nude Guy Fieri drawing did the trick.

We’ve seen our fair share of attention-worthy schemes from young creatives over the years, it this one captured for a solid minute or two. Now let’s see if the needle shifts on Baker’s Indiegogo in the days ahead.

If you care to indulge the man, go here.