Copy Conundrums: JWT Houston Wants You (to be a Simian)

By Matt Van Hoven 

JWT Houston is on the lookout for a very special copywriter, but they’re not monkeying around. Specifically, this writer needs to have refined motor skills to help the agency peel away the outer skin of its clients’ brands and get to the true, sweet goodness that lies within.

OK sorry, that’s enough. A source pointed us to a job opening at JWT Houston, on TalentZoo no less, for a copywriter to work “on their Shell Oil & Jiffy Lube accounts concepting [sic] for Broadcast, Print, Interactive, Radio, and various Gorilla efforts.”


Per our source: “Does that mean I would be teaching the gorilla sign language? I wonder if the compensation comes partially in bananas?”

Um, we’re sure the person who wrote the job posting meant to use the word “guerrilla”, which refers to a style of warfare, not a primate. Though, we know many silverbacks who would probably be perfect for the job. You know who you are.

Well put. Happy Friday all, stay tuned for more goodies as the day goes on. FYI we’re shooting TWIA for next week today, because our camera guy has scheduling issues, so we’ll be a bit preoccupied this a.m.

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