Converse Brings UK Dance Scene to the USA

By Bob Marshall 

Continuing its incredible use of YouTube to publicize dance music (a previous video effort paired members of New Order, Hot Chip and Hot City), famed shoe company of alternative nation Converse is bringing the hottest in UK club DJs to the United States following their “Live from London” series.

Four short films are being released through Converse’s YouTube page, each featuring a DJ or producer who performed at a Converse-helmed concert in New York City. The first of these shorts released yesterday features Jamie xx, one-third of the Mercury Prize-winning goth/R&B pop trio The xx (or the “Dos Equis” as they were called at last year’s SXSW). Aside from appearing as part of the Converse’s performance lineup, Jamie xx was also given the task to select the three other UK artists that the Converse film crew would feature.

Each of the bands that takes part in the series will release exclusive dance tracks to The Fader‘s website starting yesterday, where songs from Jamie xx and The Fantastic Mr. Fox are currently available. Watch the second film featuring the young underground dubstep DJ The Fantastic Mr. Fox after the jump, and further reason why British dance club patrons look down on the United States and our primitive love of hip-hop.