Converse, Anomaly Take Road Trip of Sorts with Pro Skater

By Kiran Aditham 

Apparently 16 hours or so is all it takes to get from Los Angeles to Vegas via skateboard according to this new Converse short film that promotes the Ka-One sneaker and comes to us, yet again, from New York’s Anomaly. After spending 2010 consorting with hip musical acts  like Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi, the agency is turning its focus to the skater set with this clip starring pro Kenny Anderson.

Call it a day in the life if you will, but from the looks of it, Anderson, who seems to be balancing, gliding and riding on just the front end of his board throughout his entire interstate excursion, can rally the masses like Rocky running through the streets of Philly. The Converse branding is once again kept to a minimum during this road trip, which seems like no sweat off Anderson’s shoulders. Credits after the jump.

Senior Agency Producer:  Niki Polyocan

ECD: Mike Byrne

Creative Director:  Ian Toombs

Head of Production: Andrew Loevenguth

Global Account Director: Peter Semple

Account Director: Stanley Lumax

Account Supervisor: Lauren Bozarth

Production:  Rabbit

Executive Producer:  Douglas Howell & Joby Barnhart

Head of Production:  Jeff Sommar

Producer:  Jamie Miller

Director:  + jacksonkarinja

Director of Photography:  + jacksonkarinja

Head of Production: Jeff Sommar

Producer: Jamie Miller

Production Supervisor: Mike Garcia

Mix: AudioEngine, NY

Mixer: Carl Mendelbaum

Music: Edwin Starr- “25 Miles”

Editorial Company: Consulate, NY

Editor: Peter Johnson