Commonwealth//McCann Uses ‘Real People, Not Actors’

By Patrick Coffee 

Commonwealth//McCann, which recently won creative duties for Chevrolet’s Silverado line from Leo Burnett Detroit, just released a new campaign for the larger Chevy brand.

The work looks to turn the staid car ad model on its head by utilizing a common ad trope: gathering a bunch of non-actors and gauging their reactions to the product in question. Its goal is to push the “smart car” concept while selling the new Chevy Malibu.

The first spot in the campaign gets to the heart of the matter with a little completely inappropriate “TMI”:


The series continues with different subjects/victims in “Eyes on the Road,” which proves that even zombies, puppies, and burned-out rock stars can’t detract from the brilliance of Chevy:

That’s a pretty hard sell. The next ad goes even further in comparing one vehicle to another and presenting subject with what we’ll call “a Sophie’s choice”:

The first ad launched yesterday, and Chevy recruited various notable personalities to promote it under the #BestDayEver hashtag by “perform[ing] good surprises” for Americans.

Here, for example, is the redneck guy from The Walking Dead doing…something good.

More ads are visible on the Chevy YouTube page with additional broadcast work to air in the coming weeks. Given the client’s recent vote of confidence in its agency, we expect to see more, different work for Chevrolet throughout the year.

The campaign has five separate credits lists, so we’ll just post the first.


Creative Chairman Linus Karlsson

Chief Creative Officer Gary Pascoe

Executive Creative Director Duffy Patten

Executive Creative Director Bob Guisgand

Associate Creative Director Dan Marvin

Art Director Celia Nelson

Executive Producer Brian DiLorenzo

Executive Producer Kelly Balagna

Senior Producer Matt Flaker

Account Director William Wilt

Director Zach Merck/MAKE

Executive Producer/MAKE Founder Dana Locatell

Supervising Producer/MAKE Partner Tim Mack

Editor Ting Poo, Spot Welders

Online/PLUTO, Detroit

Online/VFX: Larry Chadwick

Sr. Audio Engineer, PLUTO, Detroit, Grant Castleberry